Lawn Primary School

Lawn Primary School

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Remember coats need to be brought in each day as weather is so unpredictable!

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Peer Mentors

Our peer mentor programme matches older children with younger children to provide guidance and serve as positive role models.

This programme aims to enhance early intervention and prevention of low-level mental health and well being issues that can be encountered when growing up:

  • School work
  • Friendship breakdown
  • Loneliness
  • Peer pressure
  • Potential bullying

There is always an adult available to support the children too.  

A full days training is carried out every two years with a new group of volunteers from year 5 & 6.  Training is carried out by Kidscape.


Adult mentors can be any adult in the school who the child feels they can go to for help and advice, when they are having difficulties.  The teacher or an adult from Tier 2 will help the child establish who their mentor can be.  This is usually an adult the child feels they can talk to.

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