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PE & Sports

PE & Sports

"Intelligence and skills can only function at the peak of our capacity when the body is healthy and strong."

John F. Kennedy.

The PE and Sport curriculum at Lawn Primary School develops the enjoyment of physical activity and strives to improve the importance of health and well being.  Our intention is to give children the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge and understanding and apply these in competitive situations, with the vision that this provides them with lifelong learning skills.  Children are helped to acquire the skills needed to participate with confidence and enjoyment in a range of individual team activities at school and in the wider community, and to appreciate the place of regular exercise as a way of keeping fit.  We ensure that all our children receive well rounded learning experience when participating in different sporting activities, engaging them in a range of sports to develop a passion for being active, healthy and confident, and try new things and build resilience and determination with all they do.

Our PE curriculum covers the knowledge and skills outlined in the National Curriculum and ensures all children are given opportunities to be challenged to progress their learning further.  Through our teaching of PE, we aim to deliver the lessons in a meaningful context, giving purpose and wherever possible curricular links are exploited, particularly links with Maths, British Values, Our Schools Values and SMSC.  All children take part in a minimum of two hours of PE and sporting activities each week provided by their class teacher.

A well-balanced programme of sporting activities is provided for the children that includes opportunities for expressive and creative movement through dance, as well as gymnastics, swimming, athletics, games and outdoor adventurous pursuits.  Learning through co-operative and competitive activities helps to promote an understanding of inter-personal relationships.  Children take part in sporting activities within the school, and with other schools, including local tournaments and competitions.  Physical education is enriched through a range of well-attended after school clubs and activities including football, athletics and gymnastics.  Such opportunities enable children to develop personal and social skills as well as preparing them for leisure activities in adult life (cultural capital)

All children in year 6 take part in a weeks residential visit at a PGL Activity Centre.  A range of outdoor adventurous pursuits are offered including abseiling, climbing, kayaking, orienteering, archery and low ropes.  We value these opportunities for our children to participate in physically challenging land and water-based activities, believing they can make an important contribution to children's personal and social development.

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