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Applying safety Searches

Applying safety Searches

Sites like Google and YouTube can provide a wealth of information on how to set safe searches and safety modes in website entertainment and information.  However, these sites can contain inappropriate content and your child has participated in a workshop at school where he/she has learned strategies for keeping safe online.

You can help further by setting safe searches and safety modes on search engines and popular websites on your home devices.  No filter is 100% accurate but safe searches / modes should help avoid the most inappropriate content.

Our advice remains the same about children's home internet use; be present (or make sure a trusted adult is present) when your child is using the internet and be aware of which sites they are visiting.

The following links give step by step guides to safe searches and safety mode settings.

Google Safe Search

YouTube Safety Mode

The link below will take you to the help desk of Facebook privacy settings

Facebook Privacy Settings

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