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Starting School

Starting School 


Dear Parent,


Your child is about to start school.  The first day is a momentous day in your child's life.  Think of it!  New friends, a new place, new sounds, more people; it is a whole new world.  That is the first day.  Every school day after that will be part of the developmental process of maturing, learning and growing.  Starting school is exciting both for your child and for you.  It can also be a very daunting time.  But with a little preparation and encouragement, most children will settle easily in to their new school life.

I hope you find the information below helpful.  I look forward to starting this journey with you and your child.


Angela Wilson


On starting school children flourish with...

A Positive Attitude

It is important to create a positive attitude towards learning.  If children have this positive attitude then they will try to become involved in the learning process.


The natural inquisitiveness of children can be encouraged.  It is central to the learning process.  Children will be encouraged to ask more questions when they get positive and encouraging responses

Self Confidence

If children are confident about their abilities and capabilities then will be more willing to take on new challenges

Listening Skills

Children can be encouraged to develop good listening skills.  Instructions and directions are given continually at school so children need to be good listeners if they are to participate fully in school life.

Working Together

Children need to learn to be sociable, how to share and take turns.  They also need to learn respect for others and to be aware of the feelings of others


In order to take part fully in school life children need to have developed a good level of independence.

Preparing for School, some Top Tips

Starting school is a milestone in the life of your child and often a time of stress and anxiety for you as parents.  Parents can do much to reduce such anxiety - both for themselves and their child.  This preparation can begin some months before your child starts and can be carried out gradually

It is an enormous change for your child as they will have to share a room with up to 30 other children.  There is much that you as the parent can do, to prepare your child to cope with the separation and socialisation and to help them get over their initial fears.

Some Things To Try

  • An initial visit to the school is a good idea.  Meeting the staff can help.  Show your child the school building, and the play areas.
  • Talk to your child about your own school days.  Emphasising the opportunities for making friends and for getting involved in new activities.  However, don't 'hype up' school life.  Approach this talk with a calm attitude and treat it as a normal development in your child's life.
  • It is helpful if your child can put on and take off their own coat and hang it up.  Use the toilet independently, flushing it after use and washing and drying their hands.  You should also encourage your child to tidy up after themselves.  Play 'pretend school' with your child.
  • Help them to practice putting things in and out of their school bag.
  • Teach your child to use a tissue, share toys and take turns.  Label all your children's clothes and belongings clearly and help them to identify their belongings.
  • It is helpful if your child knows where they live and also when their birthday is.  Explain to your child that the school will have all your contact details, but also, the contact details of someone who your child knows and trusts that we can contact if you are not available.
  • Allow your child to do things independently, encourage confidence by having them dress themselves.  Allow time for this in the mornings.
  • Praise their efforts at every opportunity

Make Things Easy For Yourselves

  •  If your child cannot tie laces and needs to change shoes - perhaps for PE - shoes with a velcro fastener will enable him/her to change quickly and independently.
  • Ask yourself whether or not your child can manage his/her clothes by him/herself.  Zips can be easier than buttons for example.  Elasticated trousers can be easier than zips or buttons.

Some Things to Avoid

  • It is natural to feel nervous about your child starting school, but remember that your child easily picks up your emotions.  Try to be relaxed and positive rather than showing your own nerves.
  • Try not to bombard your child with endless talk about school.  Treating it in a matter of fact way, rather than focusing on the big step ahead will soothe an anxious child.

The First Day At Lawn Primary and Nursery School

It is important that you establish a good routine early.  Check that all items - uniform, bag - are ready for the morning.  Do this in a calm fashion and try not to let your child get over excited or anxious before bedtime.  Give plenty of time in the morning for dressing, washing and eating a good breakfast.  It is important that your child arrives at school on time.  Children find it very unsettling walking into a class already in progress.

On the big day, if you are feeling upset, try not to show it.  Leave your child with the teacher, and tell him/her you will be back at the appropriate time to collect them.  If your child is upset, trust the teacher.  The teacher is very experienced and knows how to comfort an anxious child.

Above all talk to us.  Your child will be happy and successful at school if there is a strong partnership between us

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