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Family Thrive

Family thrive

Thrive can give you an insight into why children behave like they do and provide you with pointers to help create positive experiences that support their wellbeing.

Experts tell us that our children's behaviour is their way of communicating an unmet need, often because they do not yet have the language to tell us.  By helping you understand children's social and emotional development, we enable you to help your children become confident, curious, emotionally resilient and more engaged with both life and learning.

Courses for Parents and Carers

Family Thrive programmes are run by our school using the Thrive Approach to help parents and carers understand how the Approach makes a positive difference to the wellbeing of your children - and therefore the whole family, including you!

The Thrive Approach shows you how to be - and the impact this has on those around you.  It helps you to understand why your children might behave the way they do.  You will discover how to ensure your time and interactions with your children have a positive impact.

Family Thrive will offer you some strategies and activities that help build positive relationships in your family unit, for the wellbeing of each and every one of you.

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