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Willow Class

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Willow Class Update: 06.01.23                  

Welcome back after hopefully a lovely Christmas Holiday.  This Term Willow Class are looking at the Romans and our trip this term is to the Roman Villa.  I have attached below this terms overview of the Medium Term Plan.

 Year 3 Term 2.docxDownload
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Willow Class update: 23.09.22                   School Trips!

Willow have 3 trips booked for the year - see details below.  You will shortly be given information for paying for these trips by installments over the year.  I hope this is helpful.

Trip 1 - Botony Bay, Broadstairs.  Date: 10th October 2022

Children are currently learning about coasts, environmental impacts and erosion  The children are also working on pencil drawing in art.  The children will have the opportunity to look at the sorts of creatures that live in rock pools, explore the cliff and surrounding area.  Children will also be given the opportunity to do some observational drawings.

Trip 2 - Lullingstone Roman Villa.  Date 2nd March 2023

In the Spring term the children will be learning about life in Roman times.  We have booked this trip with workshops to enhance the children's learning about the topic.  In Design and Technology children will be designing and making a digital information board for a Roman Museum.  The trip will help them with their ideas for their final presentation.

Trip 3 - Harry Potter Studios.  Date: 8th June 2023

In the Summer Term the children will be immersed in the stories of Harry Potter as a tool to enhance their writing and drama.  We have a workshop booked on English writing for media.  Children will also complete the tour. (This will be a long day 8:30 - 6pm)

Total costs for these 3 trips is £55.  The school and the INEOS bid money have put £600 towards this to help reduce the cost.

Welcome to Willow Class

Welcome back to Year 3.  This year Mrs Wilson, Mrs Gibbs and Ms Atkinson will be working together to support you on our exciting year 3 journey.  Below is an overview of the Medium Term plan for Willow Class.

 Year 3 Term 1.docxDownload
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