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Remember coats need to be brought in each day as weather is so unpredictable!

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Bonsai Class

Bonsai Class



Wow - what a busy few weeks we have had! The weather has been freezing, but it hasn't deterred the children from playing outside! The water tray froze, which the children thought was fantastic. It led to a lot of exploration in feeling the ice and it melting in our warm hands - but not before it was an ice skating rink for the little teddy bears!!

Lots of children are complaining of cold hands while plating outside, so if they do have gloves, please make sure they bring them to school (with names in!!). 

We have seen some lovely artwork from the children this term, and lovely drawings on the whiteboard (I think they enjoy rubbing it out the most though!!). Some children have been attempting to write their names on their work, which is great!



Admission to Primary School - September 2023

Applications for Reception Class places for children born between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019 should be made to Kent County Council.  Applications are open between Friday 4 November 2022 to Monday 16 January 2023 and can be made online at

If you are unable to access the online site, an alternative format can be requested by emailing

Please see our main Admissions page for further information:

Term 1

Welcome back everyone! 

We are well in to Term 1 now and the children have settled really well, especially all our new starters who have slotted right in to Nursery life!

We are continuing to reinforce the few rules we have during this term so that they embedded within the children. These rules are:

  • We are kind to each other.
  • We tidy up what we have played with, inside and out.
  • We walk indoors and use indoor voices.

In Bonsai class, we encourage independence in everything they do, from putting on and taking off their coats to helping themselves to snacks and peeling it themselves, to choosing what activities they will undertake. We do ask that you help with this at home by giving them the opportunity to do their coats and zips by themselves, put their bags on their backs themselves and put their shoes on and off by themselves. I appreciate that this may take a little longer and it is often easier to do it for them, but the more opportunities they get to practice, the quicker it will become. I often hear "I cant do it" but with instructions and small interventions, they most certainly can, and the joy and sense of achievement on their face when they do do it independently for the first time is priceless!

Outdoor play

With the weather now turning, please ensure that your child has a waterproof coat with them everyday as they love to be outside, even when it is cold raining. We do have a selection of spare wellies for the children to use, but on wet days it would be ideal if they came in wellies, with a change of shoes in their bags. Also, please send a complete change of clothes in their bags so that if they do get wet, or muddy (which they are likely to!) they can get changed into dry clothes when they are finished. It would also be very helpful for names to be put in as much as possible to return any stray items.


Water bottles

I would like to remind parents to ensure your child has a named water bottle with them everyday, and if you haven't applied for the free school milk, then please pick up a form from school or visit and register.


I am always happy to talk at the beginning or end of sessions if you have any queiries.


Mrs Pedrick

Here are some suggestions for keeping your child busy at home and to help them with their learning:

(Right click hyperlink to open in a new window)


Fun with Numbers.

Numberblocks is a great programme to help children learn and recognise numbers to 10. Here is a link to an episode to get you started!

Numberblocks - Learn to Count From 1 to 5 | A Star is Born - YouTube

This BBC site has lots of counting songs for the children to enjoy.

Counting songs - BBC Teach


Keeping Active/Calming down.

It’s important to keep active and move our bodies.

This is a short video that gets children moving and burns some energy!

Shake your sillies out!!! - YouTube


Yoga is great for movement and to calm down. These are two favourites:

Frozen | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! - YouTube

Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs | Cosmic Kids - YouTube


Kids love to sing! This BBC site has lots of nursery rhymes for your children to join in with.

Nursery Rhymes and Songs - Medleys - BBC Teach

And this is one of the favourites in Bonsai class!

Sleeping Bunnies | Little Baby Bum Nursery Rhymes for Babies - YouTube

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