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It was our turn to have a go at the Lawn Primary School Podcast! Have a listen to how Riley, Evie-Marie and Aaron did!

We've been dissecting lamb hearts, and identifying the different parts!

Take a look at some photos from our awesome trip to Wingham Wildlife Park!

We spent an entire term learning all about Europe.

We studied maps, and are now very confident in the locations of all of the countries of Europe, as well as the capitals cities and flags. We have looked at some countries (of our choice) in more detail and created lots of fact files and reports about them, and looked at how the climate and culture change across the continent.

Look at this amazing work by Kamila...

And this one by Mark... 

Take a look at some of our Climate Change inspired artworks, based on the style of the famous Pop-Artist

''Roy Lichtenstein''

Author Of The Term!

Our author of the term is Christopher Edge, an award-winning writer of action-packed science fiction novels

Escape Room with Christopher Edge - Business and Tourism Event By Stroud  Book Festival

We gave the class a choice of 3 of his very best books...

The votes were counted........

and our new novel of the term is....

(drum role please).......

Podcast update - 20th Jan 

     Year 5 and Year 6

Epic battle in the snow!

School trips!

Oak Class have 3 trips booked for the coming year and I am pleased to be able to give you the details for all of them as follows:

Trip 1 – Natural History Museum, London - 13th October 2022
Children are currently learning about dinosaurs and fossils, about how fossils are formed, the scientists that find them, how they have helped change our view of the world and about species that lived a very long time ago. At the Natural History Museum we will have the opportunity to see dinosaur fossils up close and will also attend a “Dino Workshop” where they will use their scientific skills to discover more about dinosaurs.

Trip 2 – Wingham Wildlife Park - 24th March 2023
In the Spring term in Science, the children will be learning about animals and their habitats. We have booked this trip with workshops so that children can come up close and personal with some amazing animals from all over the globe and listen to interactive talks about how animals adapt to their environments.

Trip 3 – National Gallery, London - Date: To be confirmed
In the Summer term we will be studying the work of David Hockney and Tony Cragg. This visit will give children a chance to experience real-life works of art in the flesh, including work from many famous artists they have studied over their time at Lawn Primary School.

The total costs for all 3 trips is £32.00. This is a discounted price as the school and the bid money from INEOS have put £600 towards this to help reduce the cost.

We have set up a payment plan of 8 monthly payments of £4.00 to help spread the cost over the year. Payments are due on the 5th of each month. Payments should be made using Horizons: Please tick the box to give your consent for your child to go on the trips when making your first payment. You only need to do this once for all 3 visits.

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