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Remember coats need to be brought in each day as weather is so unpredictable!

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Breakfast / After School Clubs

Breakfast / After School Clubs

With the ongoing Covid situation, our Breakfast and After School Clubs are currently suspended.  When they resume they will be a little different to usual. 

  • All clubs will only be open for children in Bubbles 1 and 2 (i.e. years 2 to 6)
  • Children will need to be booked into the club in advance (at least the day before) in order to attend – booking forms are available online or contact us via the School Gateway App to apply for a place
  • Pre-payment is required
  • Children booked into a club but who do not attend will still need to pay and will not receive a refund
  • Children will remain in their bubble groups in each club


Breakfast Club

This will take place in the hall.  Bubbles will come in at separate times and it is therefore important that you arrive promptly for your bubble arrival time.  Breakfast will consist of cereal, toast and fruit juices.  Breakfast will only be served until 8.20am.

  • Bubble 1 should arrive at 7.55am; please queue from the front door 
  • Bubble 2 should arrive at 8.00am; please queue from the entrance gate outside the school
    Cost: £1.50 per child

After School Clubs

There will only be two after school clubs running each day; one club for children in Bubble 1 run by Mrs Reilly and a second for children in Bubble 2 run by Mrs Sayers.  These clubs will have a different activity each day as follows:


Bubble 1

Bubble 2


Story Time

Story Time


Quiz Club

Games (outside if the weather allows otherwise in the hall)





Crossword / Puzzles / Art activities

Art Club


Film Club

Food science


Clubs will take place in a classroom within their respective bubble.  The two clubs will leave at different times.

  • Bubble 1 collection time 4.15pm
  • Bubble 2 collection time: 4.25pm
    Cost: £2.00 per child


Tea Club

Please note that we will not be running a Tea Club at this time.

We understand that some of the children will be disappointed that their usual clubs are not running, but we are following guidelines and this is the best way to be able to support families who need extended hours child care and keep everyone safe.

We hope that given time, we can introduce other clubs, so watch this space!

Kind regards.

Mrs A Wilson

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