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Our recent trip to Kew Gardens

January 2020


Hello, welcome back to the new term. This term our topic is the U.K. We have started this and the children seem to be very interested. Our science is health and movement, which includes  looking at bones and healthy
eating. P.E. is Friday and last week lots of children had no kit! Please can you ensure your child has a kit in school at all times.

Thank you...



November 2019


Hello, and welcome back to term 2.  This term is always busy and exciting.  We are looking at Ancient Egypt for our topic and we will be drawing and painting in the style of LS Lowry.  PE will be dance, and this will be on a Friday.  Thank you for your help with your children’s homework and listening to them read, this really helps them.


July 2019


Hello and welcome to Willow's last newsletter of the year. Where did the time go? We have had such a busy year and everyone has worked so hard. Our trip to Joss Bay last week was fabulous, and as always, the children made us so proud. Have a lovely holiday and good luck to all the children in their new classes.


May 2019


I would just like to start by saying how well behaved the whole class were when we visited Kew Gardens earlier this term, they did us proud. This term we have been learning about volcanoes, we have found out some very interesting facts.

Our new science topic for the rest of the year is all about geology, mixture and separation. Sadly we have had nearly half our children without PE kits this week which causes huge disruption to our PE lesson. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times.


March 2019



This term our topic is Rainforests and we are really enjoying finding out about them. Later this term we are planning a trip to Kew Gardens; more information to follow. We have a dance teacher in this term for PE and so this has meant we are having PE on a Thursday afternoon. That will be for this term only (next term will be back to Fridays).


Thank you for helping the children with their homework this is really helping.




Hello and welcome back to Willow Class. 


This term we have been investigating the human senses in Science. We have looked at optical illusions and we have drawn and labelled the eye-the children are really enjoying this work. Our topic is Prehistoric Britain. The children are able to explain what prehistory means and have are enjoying looking at the three ages of this period. As you know we will be visiting the Natural History Museum next Wednesday 10th October. We still need some consent forms and payments for this trip.

Sorry to moan but we still have children in the class unable to take part in P.E lessons as they don't have their kit in school. Can you please ensure they have their kit in school during term time. Thank you



December 2018



Hello from Willow! We can't believe how quickly this year has gone. In Willow Class we have been doing lots of work this term. We have learned some really interesting facts about Vikings, for instance where they came from, what they wore and why they came here.

We were using our senses in science and found out some fun facts in those lessons too. We enjoyed some dancing in our P.E lessons and we've been multiplying and dividing in maths - very busy! Next term will be just as busy with new topics.

The children made some lovely Christmas trees, elves and Father Christmas decorations that they will be bringing home at the end of term, we hope you like them.

We hope you all have a happy and peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year.



June 2018


We had a brilliant day out at the Horniman Museum last week. We saw plenty of amazing things. We have spent an afternoon with our new teacher Mrs Hudson ready for next year.


A reminder that year 3 have their trip to the Horniman Museum on Tuesday 3rd July. Please make sure you have returned your child’s permission slip by this Friday.


We have begun learning about the differences between the lives of rich and poor Tudors in our topic this term. In English we are reading legends and discussing them.



May 2018


Willow class worked hard last week to complete mock SATs. We have learnt a lot about the tropical rainforests in topic and have been learning about forms of energy in science.


Our new science topic is energy and sound. We have started to learn that there are two types of energy, potential and kinetic.


April 2018


Please return PE kits for the new term. We are learning about the Rainforests this term in Willow. Don’t forget to wear hats in the sunny weather.



March 2018


We enjoyed our walk to the church last week even though we got a bit wet! This week we are learning more about fractions so ask your child what he/she is doing to help them with their learning. Do some practical work too if you can e.g. cutting shapes into fractions.


We are going on a walk to the local church on Monday 12th March to learn more about signs and symbols and Easter in the Christian religion. Please remind children to read every night and learn their times tables.




February 2018


Willow class will be learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in topic this term. Some children are not reading their reading books at home. This is part of their homework and important for progress. Please encourage them to read every night.


We are working hard on improving our times tables knowledge. Please help your child at home by encouraging them to learn as many as possible.


January 2018


Willow have settled back into our programme of work for 2018.

Our topic this term is Weather Around the World and it is related to holidays. Science will involve studying health and fitness.


December 2017


We are busy learning our parts for the year 3 / 4 production on Monday 18th December at 2.00 pm. Don’t forget we need a white collarless tee-shirt to wear under our costumes please.



November 2017


We are continuing our science topic on plants. Children should spend time reading every night. Some children have lines to learn by heart for the school play; please give them some help to do so.


Our topic this term will be the Vikings. We are continuing to study plants and photosynthesis in science.

Please ensure PE kits are in school at all times.



October 2017


We made coaches for Cinderella last week - ask us about how we did it! We will soon be bringing seeds home to grow. Please make sure they are watered.



September 2017


Some children still do not have PE kits, please send them in!  In science we are learning about leaves, plants and photosynthesis. Last week we used microscopes and learned a lot through seeing items enlarged.



Our topic this term is Stone Age to Iron Age history.

PE will be Wednesdays and Fridays, spelling and timetables tests will be Fridays.


July 2017


This year has gone so quickly. The children have had fun with their topics and science this year. Our trip to bowling last week was really good fun and the children behaved so well and made the school proud.




June 2017


Here in Willow we are really enjoying our Anglo-Saxon topic and we have found out some very interesting facts. We have been monitoring our vegetables we planted last term. Sadly only a few have started to grow. The children are allowed to bring a bottle of water into lessons while the weather is so hot. It must have a sports top and only water please.



Hello from Willow. This year has flown by so quickly. In this term we are studying Anglo Saxons for our topic and our Science is plants. We have already been to our garden to check progress of the salad vegetables and strawberries we planted. PE will be athletics and team games, please make sure your child has inside / outside kit in school.



May 2017


We planted our beans and seeds when they had made enough progress and we re-potted them: they are now out in the greenhouse. We will begin our observations next term. Next week is our DT week. We will be planning and designing our project then making it. We are still asking if anyone has any nice thick material or ribbons, buttons etc. that we could have.


The children are enjoying finding out about rainforests and they have made some very interesting books full of facts. Our plants are beginning to grow and we will begin measuring and recording this week. Then they will be planted in our garden. We will be making aprons or bags in the DT week so if you have any thick material we could have we would appreciate it.



April 2017


Hello, it’s lovely to be back. This term we are going to be studying plants for our science. We will be planting and caring for flowers. Our topic is Rainforests. We will be finding out where they are and why they are so important. PE is still Wednesday and Friday so please have indoor and outdoor kit.



March 2017


This term Willow Class have really enjoyed finding out about volcanoes and tectonic plates. In science we have been using force meters to measure force and we used magnets looking at magnetic fields. Our topic for next term will be rainforests and our science will be plants



February 2017


Out topic this term is volcanoes and the children have been set a task to do at home. They are going to answer the question “What is a volcano?” If you could help them that would be great: take them to the library, let them have access to the internet etc. Thank you.



The children have really enjoyed our Light and Shadow science and they have used torches to find out why shadows move. They have been travel agents for our topic weather around the world. We are really working hard with time using analogue and digital. If you could ask them the time this would help too. We have also been learning about seconds in minutes, minutes in hours and so on-please ask them at home.


January 2017


This term we are looking at Light and Shadow in science and Weather Around the World for our topic. Both of these are very interesting and the children seem to be really enjoying finding out about them. Thank you for all your help hearing your children read each night and helping them with their spellings and 100 test.



December 2016


We are all very excited that it’s nearly Christmas and our classroom looks lovely with the decorations made by the children. We are busy finishing off our work this week. We have two performances and we will be watching the younger children’s performances too. So this is going to be a very busy time. From all in Willow Class we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


We are still enjoying our science project about animals and humans, we are looking at bones now. We have started to learn our songs for the carol concert, they should be lovely. We are really looking forward to performing them to the school and parents



November 2016


Here in Willow class we are really enjoying finding out about a healthy diet and we’re looking forward to finding out more about ourselves. Our Viking topic is also very interesting and we are very much enjoying this using iPads to investigate facts further. This week in maths we are going to be measuring using m, cm, and mm. 


Hello and welcome to term 2,

The first term went so quickly and the children worked hard. They produced some super work which has been displayed in our classroom.

This term our topic is The Vikings which we are very much looking forward to finding out about.

Our Science will be Animals including Humans. The children always enjoy this science subject, finding out about nutrition and food, why we need a skeleton and how muscles work.

In literacy we are starting with H.G.Well's War of the Worlds and finishing with letters to Father Christmas. How exciting.

Thank you for your support with the children's' spelling and 100 tests, this can be seen in class with the results improving, the children feel so proud when they get a better result than previously, so I say again, thank you.

All this activity leading up to Christmas performances. Busy, busy, busy. 

You can always contact me if you have any concerns or a query you would like to discuss by using my e-mail

                        Thank you. Julie Gibbs     Louise Horn


October 2016


It’s nearly the end of term 1 already. Wow! We’ve had lots of fun this term learning about Pre-historic Britain. I would like to say thank you to the parents helping their children with the spelling and 100 test homework. It really does help. The children are also enjoying finding out about Rocks and Soils looking at soil samples around school and testing it and writing their results in tables and graphs.


September 2016


Hello, here in Willow class the children have settled well and seem to be enjoying the work. They seem to be very interested in our topic which is Prehistoric Britain. Would you please check that the children practise their spellings and 100 test ready for Fridays.


This year is going to be busy, but lots of fun.

This first term in science we will be looking at Rocks and soils.

 Topic is Prehistory which is  very interesting.

Our usual P.E days are Wednesday and Friday, could you please make sure your son or daughter has a P.E kit in school at all times.

I am happy to speak to you at the end of the day on the playground, however if you would like to speak to me regarding something private /personal my e-mail address is I will check this every day and will endeavour to help with any queries you may have.


                                         Thank you.

                            Julie Gibbs