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Lawn Primary is now a Thrive School and will be promoting the programme which is increasing nationally and has now begun  in Kent.   Mrs Moss and Mrs Leahy have been working with children on the ‘Thrive Approach’ since September 2015.

This programme enables children to access their learning

 by using targeted strategies for the development of individual skills required.   These strategies will be delivered through creativity and play activities which enhance emotional resilience.


 The programme is based on research in::-

- Neuroscience,

- Attachment theory,

- Child development.


 All Thrive practice is underpinned by Thrive-Online which offers :

- Whole group and individual profiling,

- tailored action planning,

- review and monitor progress of the children,

- assessment and measured outcomes.


The benefits of Thrive are that children are more able to:-

- engage in their lessons

-able to build on positive relationships

-express their feelings

-manage their behaviour

- enjoy school



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