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January 2020


This term (and next), Sycamore class have been learning about World War 2. We began by looking at the events leading up to the war and how it started; as well as looking in close detail at the important events and battles of the war including: the evacuation of Dunkirk, the Blitz, Pearl Harbour, and more. We will soon be moving on to study the code breakers of Bletchley Park and Alan
Turing, and how their hard work helped an allied victory in WW2.

For the last three weeks, we have been studying portraiture in preparation for our trip to the portrait gallery. The children have created some fantastic portraits of important people from WW2, which will be framed and on display in our classroom shortly.

On Monday we will be heading to London to see ‘Alice in Wonderland’ at the Royal Opera House, as well as
popping into the portrait gallery.  Once we are back we will be creating artworks based on the play as a way of saying thank you to the theatre.

As always, we would like to ask all parents to ensure children have a suitable P.E kit ready for their lesson
every Thursday.  The lessons will be outside as we are practicing hockey for the term.  As we all know, the weather in England at this time of year isn’t the most pleasant, and we recommend that children wear a
sweatshirt and tracksuit bottoms if prone to the cold.