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Welcome to Sycamore class

November 2019


This term, Sycamore’s topic is ‘Modern World’, where we will be studying architecture and engineering, and exploring how our modern world has been shaped by developments in technology and building techniques. Some of the class have already designed and built their own skyscrapers, which look fantastic….some even had working lights in them! In English this term, we will be mainly focussing on non-fiction writing including: recounts, newspaper articles and biographies. Sycamore have been given their roles for the play and have begun rehearsing. Children will need to practise their lines at home in order to remember them by the time the performance rolls around. We are asking parents to try their best to provide costumes for their child’s character, and we will be letting the children know what this should be (roughly). Finally, a brief reminder that children should be reading every night at home, even if it is just a page or two.




September 2019


Sycamore class have made a great start to the new school year, and have settled down quickly to the new routines and expectations. This term our topic is ‘The Great outdoors’ and we will be focussing on rivers, mountains and volcanoes. We are hoping to plan a field trip to carry out research and experiments and will let you know as soon as we have finalised the details. I am very much looking forward to teaching tag rugby this term as it is a sport I am very passionate about. Hopefully we will also be lucky enough to watch some of the rugby world cup and support England and our other home countries. For Art this term, we will be studying the foundations of the subject; learning how to utilise a pencil properly, and begin to sketch and draw accurately with shading, as well as giving constructive feedback.

We have also been lucky enough to be chosen by Mrs Goodall to take a trip to the theatre to see a play in London. She has worked tirelessly to get us a hugely reduced rate and cheap travel. The trip isn’t until February, but as soon as we have confirmed the details, we will let you know.

Congratulations to Megan and Trevor for becoming the school council representatives from Sycamore. Well done to all of the candidates for being brave and standing up in front of the class and explaining why they would like the position…..It is a very scary thing to do indeed!    


June 2019


First of all, a big thank you to everyone who supported our fundraiser, whether it be buying cakes or donating food for us to sell on our stall. It was a huge success and we had a wonderful time at Legoland.

For the final term of this year, we will be studying the Ancient Civilisation: The Mayans. An exciting and engaging topic exploring the lives, religion, architecture and art of a mysterious people. We are studying Geology this term in Science, and the children have started to investigate how solutions occur as well as what substances dissolve in different liquids. We will be looking at how different types of rocks are formed and the structure of the earth and soil. In art, we are continuing to study printmaking and create beautiful prints using multiple techniques. The children have already begun to print their response to the works of Andy Warhol, and they are looking bright and fantastic. Children will bring these home, along with their Henry Moore sculptures, towards the end of term. And finally, congratulations to all of our Sycamore Class members who were picked to represent the school at the Kwik cricket tournament or the Rounders tournament. Well done, we are very proud.



March 2019


This term, Sycamore’s topic is ‘Cosmos’ (meaning ‘universe’). We are exploring Earth, the planets and anything else we may encounter on our journey to the edge of the universe. As part of our topic we have: created dramatic written accounts of our imaginary trip to space; designed our own planets (as part of our homework) and are currently reading a book called ‘Cosmic’- a story of a boy lost in space.

In English we have been studying the Lego story, and will be writing a detailed report of the history of the small iconic brick. We have used Lego to create working fairground rides in science, using our knowledge of circuits and motors and have used it to create stop-motion animations in art.

After seeing the joy and creativity of the children when interacting with, and researching, Lego we have decided to organise a trip to Legoland! We are trying to keep costs to an absolute minimum, and hope that all children can attend. To help with this, Sycamore Class have decided to try our best to raise some of the money towards the trip.

Keep your eyes out for stalls outside of Sycamore Class - and please help out by buying a cake……or two!


January 2019


Sycamore have made a fantastic start to the year and have hit the ground running, covering new topics in all areas of the curriculum. This term in science our topic is ‘Electricity’, which I am sure the children will enjoy as it contains many practical activities to explore and investigate. The book we are studying this term is ‘Varjak Paw’- a tale about an outcast cat who must follow in his ancestors’ footsteps in order to explore a dangerous world and save his family; an enthralling and exciting read. Our topic, for this term, is ‘The Ancient Greeks’. We will begin at the extraordinary creation story, involving battles and betrayal, and will move onto the myths and legends, before rounding off learning about the ancient Greek culture and how it influenced us in the modern world.

We have recently signed up to a free online tutor programme, which can be accessed at home and is a great tool to help children catch up, or gain further their knowledge in maths. Children will be provided with login details.

As always, P.E will be on a Tuesday, so please make sure children come fully equipped.




November 2018


Sycamore’s first term was a huge success, ending with a fantastic class assembly which showcased all of their hard work. The class produced amazing figurative writing pieces, as well as some awesome art. The artwork was made after studying and practising typography. The final piece was a precept poster, which displayed a lovely, original message about: caring, sharing, love, hard work, friendship or family. These posters will be on display around the school soon.

This term Sycamore are studying the Tudors in Topic and we are looking forward to our trip to the Tower of London, which will be an unforgettable experience and a chance to see and touch history. Please could we have the letters and payment ASAP.

In science, we will be studying the human senses and will be making our very own ‘human’ eyes, using Pringle tubes. We would like to ask any Pringle fans to please keep any tubes and deliver them to Sycamore class. Thank you in advance.

Myself and Mrs Horn would like to say how proud we are of all of Sycamore class; the high level of work they have been producing, and their brilliant attitudes to learning.



June 2018


Sycamore class had a fantastic day at Joss Bay. The children were very well behaved and made the school proud. We had lots of fun during our maths week and have created games, puzzles and Dragons Den business proposals.


Sycamore class had a fantastic day doing print making. After researching into the local area, the children created beautiful prints of St.Botolph’s church, the old cement works and the ship “The Northfleet”. Their work is currently on display in Northfleet School for Girls.


Sycamore class have made an enthusiastic start with our science topic, exploring the transfers and conservation of energy. As part of our new topic, studying ‘Rivers and Coastlines’, we are looking forward to travelling to the coast on our trip. A polite reminder – please return permission slips ASAP.



May 2018


We have made our Henry Moore sculptures using the junk you sent in (thank you). They look fabulous! This week we will be painting them ready for display. Our topic next term is Rivers and Coastlines in Britain. We will be visiting Joss Bay on the 12th July 2018. Please can you return consent forms as soon as you can. Thank you.



Sycamore class will be sitting mock SATs exams next week. We would like to reiterate that children do not need to worry or stress. Children have not been set homework this week but feel free to see Mr. Wilson or Mrs. Gibbs if you would like some.


April 2018


Our topic this term is Ancient Greeks; the children very much enjoyed their first lesson. We are looking for empty boxes to make our sculptures, also plastic bottles, cardboard and other useful junk! Can you please ensure that the children read every night, thank you.



March 2018


Sycamore class have been studying Henry Moore in Art and have made beautiful sculptures of their own based on the book ‘Cosmic’ which we are reading as a class. Children will have the opportunity to take their sculptures home following next term, where they will be on display around the school. Please encourage children to practice times tables and spellings regularly. 


We hope everyone enjoyed the snow days and managed to get out to make a snowman. Back to school now and Sycamore class seem to be enjoying their new topic ‘The Cosmos’, learning about the universe and space travel. A great effort was made on a delayed World Book Day and the children looked fantastic!



February 2018


Welcome back to term 4. In Sycamore this term our author of the term is Frank Cottrell-Boyce. In topic we are looking into space, planets and the history of space exploration. Science will be about human health and fitness. PE is team games including kwik cricket.



The children have really been enjoying science this term. They have seen how smoking affects the lungs, even worse after just one cigarette. They have measured breathing before and after exercise and drawn the lungs. We have had lot of fun with our topic, even if it does make us adults feel quite old as the children laughed at the idea of landline phones.


January 2018


This term our science is the Human body and we have asked for you to sign consent forms; we have had a few back but still have some outstanding! (This is now urgent). Our topic is changes in Britain since 1948 and it’s very exciting so far.


December 2017



Sycamore class have worked hard all term, learning about: fractions; plants and photosynthesis; extreme weather from around the world; how to debate and write persuasive letters and much, much more. They have definitely earnt a nice Christmas break. Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Gibbs, Mrs. Bridge and Mrs. Walker would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas ans a Happy New Year.


November 2017



Apologies for any cancelled parent evening meetings due to unforeseen circumstances. Mr Wilson and Mrs Gibbs will try to rearrange ASAP and will send letters home. Congratulations to our 3 pupils who will be representing the Lawn Primary School Football team, away to

St. Botolph’s. And for the ones that didn’t there are plenty more games scheduled.



Sycamore class had a great time visiting the Tower of London and we made the school very proud with their excellent behaviour. This term our topic is ‘Extreme Earth’ where we will be exploring extreme climates and the effects they have on people, animals and the environment, as well as why they occur.


October 2017


Sycamore’s trip to the Tower of London is fast approaching (Tues 17th). Please could you ensure:

*Children are here on time as coach leaves at 9am.

*Children are in uniform and comfy shoes/trainers.

*Lunch letters have been returned.

Phones are not permitted, however cameras are (and are the responsibility of children).

Children will not need any more than £5 for the gift shop.


September 2017



Sycamore class are looking forward to their trip to The Tower of London. I would like to remind parents/carers to please return permission slips asap and to continue payments towards the trip. Payments do not need to be made in one go as the office are happy to accept instalments. I would also like to thank you for supporting your children with their homework.



Sycamore class have made a good start to the new term and are adjusting well. This term we are learning about the Tudors and will be studying the life of plants in science. Every child has homework to complete, but remember, if they get stuck, to bring it in and ask for help.



July 2017



Well, the year has ended and Sycamore are no longer Year 5. I know they have worked extremely hard this year. They have created some exceptional stories and non-narrative pieces. I am so very proud of how far they have come and I know they will love being in Year 6. I wish them all the best. I will miss them dearly. 

Miss Brine.


June 2017


In science, year 5 have been learning about animals including humans. We have covered the human life cycle and the changes to our bodies through puberty. As you may have seen the children have been caring for their flour baby. It would be brilliant if you could support them in their journey as parents. You would have received a letter about it already.



Year 5 are working really hard this week on writing letters of complaint. As we are now in our last term, we are preparing for the next stage, Year 6. I’m amazed at how hard they are working in maths. Great division work this week!  PE kits must be in every day.



May 2017


Next week is DT week and Sycamore will be undertaking pottery lessons. We will make our own Ancient Greek pot and finally paint it. I know the kids are excited and so are the teachers.




It’s great to be back. The children have been working very hard over the last couple of months with Mrs Campbell and Mrs Graves. Next week we will be undertaking SATs. Other lessons will continue as normal. Our new topic until the end of the year will be Ancient Greece. We will be looking closely at the history of Greece and having a go at making our own pots.

PE is on Mondays and Fridays.



April 2017


Year 5 are looking at properties of materials in science this term.

The children will need suitable outdoor PE kits this term as swimming has now finished.


March 2017


Year 5 will have their last swimming session next week, please remember to send in swimming kits. Also full PE kits need to be in school after the Easter break.



February 2017



Year 5 will carry on swimming this term so please remember to send in swimming kits on a Wednesday.


We enjoyed having a training session on playing dodge ball on Tuesday morning. Swimming continues on a Wednesday so please remember to send in kits.




January 2017


Year 5 have been enjoying their swimming lessons so far this term. Please remember to bring swimming kits in on a Wednesday. In RE this term we are finding out about Islam.



December 2016


Sycamore class bid a farewell to Shelley Marsh at the end of term. She has been a valued member of the Year 5 team. I know the class will miss her very much and wish her well in her next adventure. See you in 2017. 


We have been learning about Angles in maths. Children are developing their skills in using a protractor. We are looking forward to Christmas decorations day and practising for our carol concert. We look forward to seeing you there



November 2016


We have been learning about Earth and Space over the last three weeks. Sycamore have discovered lots of interesting facts about the sun and the sizes of the moon and earth in relation to it. Our English topic is ‘horror stories’ and the children are eager to create their own. I can’t wait to find out their ideas.


A new term brings a new topic. For the next 6 weeks we will be learning about North America. We have already discovered North America is made up of 23 countries. We located these in the atlas and filled out our own map, identifying where the different countries are on that continent. 



October 2016


In Sycamore class our topic has been the Amazon Rainforest. Children have discovered what animals live there and what layers of the rainforest they live on. We are currently writing an argument ‘Should the rainforest be destroyed?’ the children are engrossed in getting their points across and are eager to be heard. I look forward to reading them when they are finished.


September 2016


Welcome back to Sycamore class, we hope you had a lovely break and all the children are ready for a great start to a new year. PE days are Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child has a t-shirt, pair of shorts, plimsolls or trainers, jogging bottoms and a jumper, so a full kit must be in school and children can take it home at the end of term.


It’s been a fantastic beginning to year 5. All the children have been working very hard on our topic of Rainforests. They have loved the book corner and taken every opportunity to use it.