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Welcome to Silver Birch class



May 2019


This term, Silver Birch have been learning about the Victorians. They have researched about Queen Victoria, Victorian houses and have compared schools today with schools in Victorian times. Our PE for this term is swimming and the children are already making good progress with this. We are studying Geology this term in Science, and the children have started to investigate how solutions occur as well as what substances dissolve in different liquids. We will be looking at how different types of rocks are formed and the structure of the earth and soil. In Art, the children have designed some wonderful patterns and have looked how patterns are used in everyday life. Please ensure that you encourage your children to read at home every night, as this has an impact on all aspects of their learning in school. Finally, homework is set on a Friday and must be completed and handed in on the following Thursday.       

Mrs Hudson


March 2019


This term Silver Birch are learning about the country Australia for topic. The children have carried out research to design a fact file all about the rainforest. They are also researching the Great Barrier Reef and other places of interest in Australia. In PE we are learning the skills to play tennis, so please ensure all PE kits are in school all week and that your child has appropriate outdoor shoes to wear. Our art topic this term is Aboriginal art and the children have created some beautiful patterns both on paper and on material. Reading is an important part of all children’s learning, so please encourage your child to read every night, as this will have a positive impact on everything they do.



January 2018



Welcome back Silver Birch class - I wish you all a very happy new year. This term we will be learning about electricity in science where we will be carrying out practical activities to make circuits and switches and applying this learning to creating designs where these could be used. Dance is our topic in PE this term. We are fortunate this term to have a dance teacher coming in to teach a variety of dances and I’m sure the children will thoroughly enjoy this. PE is still on a Thursday afternoon, so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. Our topic this term is the United Kingdom. We will be learning about where the UK is situated in relation to other countries on a world map, the names of the countries that make up the UK as well as the counties and towns. The children will be using a variety of books, atlases and iPads to find out other interesting information about the place in which they live. Please continue to listen to and read with your child every night as this is important to everything they do in school.  Homework is given out every Friday along with the spellings which they need to learn ready for testing on the following Friday. Please encourage your child to complete this on time and put lots of effort into each piece.



October 2018


Silver Birch class have settled in well this term and are working really hard. This term in our topic lessons we are learning about the Romans. The children have learnt about the Roman gods and goddesses, the Roman army and what life was life for children in Roman times. We are really looking forward to our trip this week to Lullingstone Roman Villa where we are hoping to see lots of Roman artefacts. In science we are learning about the human body and senses. The children have lots of opportunities to carry out investigations to help with their understanding of the senses and their function. As a class we have been reading How to Train Your Dragon and have used this text in our English for various genres of writing, including character descriptions, dialogue and writing our own story using the theme of this text.

We have PE every Thursday so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school. Also the children should be reading every night at home as well as completing their homework, which is given out on a Friday and due back in school on Thursday.




June 2018


Silver Birch have been looking at different texts in their English lessons and this week they will be working towards writing their own story based on a similar style to those we have looked at. In maths the children will be incorporating different maths concepts into other lessons during our maths week. Please listen to your child read at home and continue to practise their times tables.


Over the last two weeks Silver Birch have been learning about zoos and debating our own views on whether we think they are good or bad. This week the children will be writing a piece of persuasive text to persuade others to think about their point of view. Please can all children make sure they have their PE kits in school ready for sports day.


Welcome back Silver Birch, I hope you all had a lovely restful half term. This term we have lots of exciting things to do and learn. Our topic is investigating coasts where we will be learning about coastal management as well as looking at different types of beaches. We are continuing with swimming this term and will also need our PE kits in school for other sports activities.



May 2018


This week Silver Birch have worked hard in completing their mock SAT’s exams. In art the children have created some wonderful patterns using symmetry and rotation which we have put up on our class display. In science we have been enjoying learning about energy, looking at different objects and how they use it.


This term in science Silver Birch are learning about the different types of energy. They will be carrying out experiments and learning about the scientist Galileo Galilei. The children are enjoying their swimming on a Wednesday and becoming confident in the water. Please encourage your children to go on the Times Tables Rock Star app at home to help with their maths skills.


April 2018


Welcome back Silver birch, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break. This term our PE is swimming, so please remember to bring your swimming costumes every Wednesday. Our topic this term is about the United Kingdom where the children will look at geographical features as well as identifying different counties. Spelling test will be on Friday’s as usual and please continue to read with your children at home.



March 2018



Over the next couple of weeks, Silver Birch are working towards writing their own myth based on books we have read in class. The children have been working hard to learn the features of myths and to learn passages off by heart. In science we are learning about teeth and the skeleton and the role they play in humans and animals.



February 2018



In this term we have been learning about the Sikh religion. To help with our understanding we visited the Gurdwara on Wednesday where we had the opportunity to see where Sikhs worship and also to learn more about their culture. Reading is such an important part of everything we do so please continue to read with your child each night.


January 2018


Silver Birch have been learning the Cha Cha in dance this term and are enjoying the challenge! In science we are learning about human health and fitness, so we are looking at ways to keep healthy and active. We have also been learning about the artist Kandinsky and have produced some lovely art work for our classroom.


Welcome back and a Happy New Year. This term in science we are learning about human health and fitness which involves learning about the human vital organs and their function. We are also learning the cha-cha dance in our PE lessons which is great exercise and a lot of fun. Please can all children have their PE kits in school all week and please continue to read with your child each night.


November 2017


Silver Birch enjoyed their trip on Monday to Lullingstone Roman Villa. They had the opportunity to see what it was like living in Roman times. The children were well behaved and gathered lots of information to create their own Roman leaflet/poster in their topic lesson. A reminder for children to please read every night as this has a positive impact on all their learning.


This week in science we are learning about germination. The children were being scientists to investigate the inside of a bean using different science equipment. They planted a bean and will be keeping a diary to see how it progresses. PE is on Thursday so please can your child have their PE kits in school all week.



Welcome back Silver Birch. This term will be full of exciting things, including a new topic on the Roman Empire where we will be looking to visit a Roman Villa to help with our learning about how people lived during this period in history. We will be doing gymnastics in PE every week so please make sure children have full PE kits in school all week.



October 2017


This week is DT/Art week. The children will be doing some drawings in the style of Vilhelm Pedersen and turning these into a collage. Silver Birch will also be designing and making an escape route for Rapunzel and character sock puppets. I’m sure we are going to have a fun, creative week. Please help your child practise their spellings and ensure they are reading every night.


September 2017


This week the children have begun to look at plants and understand what photosynthesis is. Silver Birch have enjoyed using a microscope to look closely at leaves. Please help your child to learn their spellings each week and they should be reading to somebody every night.


Welcome back to school, I hope you all had a lovely summer break. The children are settling in well and are getting used to their new class. This term in our topic lesson we are learning about The Shang Dynasty of ancient China. We have PE every week so please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. Please continue to listen to your child read every night.


July 2017


This week in Silver Birch we are doing some follow up work for our trip last week to the Thames Barrier. The children enjoyed learning about how the barrier stops London from flooding. We have also been revising lots of different aspects of Maths and English so that children are secure in their knowledge for next year.


June 2017


Silver Birch have been learning about the River Thames and have produced some lovely work involving drawing diagrams showing the source to the sea and the many special features it has. I am pleased with the children’s spelling results and can see that they have worked hard to practise these.


This week Silver Birch are looking at different food chains in science and using prior knowledge to develop this. This term in PE the children are doing various activities in team building where they have to work together to complete tasks.

Please ensure PE kits are in school all week.



May 2017


This week Silver Birch are going to be designing and making traditional foods found in the UK out of salt and dough. This is linked to our topic all about the United Kingdom. Please continue to hear your child read and support them with their spellings. Have a lovely half term break.


This week we have been doing some SATs tests in Maths and English. The children have worked hard with these. We will be doing our usual PE lessons on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, so please make sure PE kits are at school. Just a reminder - our Pocahontas feathers we made are on display at Gravesend Market if you would like to have a look.



April 2017


This term in PE we will be outside doing athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. Please make sure your child has suitable kit including outdoor shoes e.g. plimsolls. We are also learning about the United Kingdom in our topic where we will be carrying out lots of research. Well done to the children who are continuing to increase their reading miles for the Buster Book Club.


March 2017


This week we are looking at poetry in literacy. The children will be writing and performing different poems to the class. We went to the church on Wednesday for our Easter service where we shared some of our lovely poems. Please continue to read with your children and support them in learning their spellings.


Last week Silver Birch took part in a Pocahontas workshop to commemorate 400 years since she died. As this is a big part of Gravesend’s history, the children were invited to make large feathers to symbolise The Peacemaker. Next Tuesday we will be taking these feathers on a parade in Gravesend with the children. The feathers will then be put on display in Gravesend market.


This term in science, Silver Birch are learning about electricity. This week the children explored different objects that require electricity. Some of the children had a go at taking apart and putting back together a 3 pin plug. From this week, in PE we are playing tennis and will be going outside for this, therefore, please ensure you child has appropriate footwear and PE clothing.



February 2017



Year 4 have been writing imaginative stories using specific skills such as fronted adverbials and paragraphs. The children have had some great ideas and produced some lovely stories. In science we have been drawing insects using the scaling up technique and the children have worked together to create a large insect drawing for our classroom display.


January 2017


Silver Birch began their dance lessons for this term’s PE last week, creating contemporary dance routines. All the children worked really hard and enjoyed telling a story through dance. We have been learning about living things and are beginning to classify these using database branches.


Happy New Year to you all. The children have come back to school with fresh enthusiasm. Our topic this term is Ancient Egypt.  The children will be learning lots of interesting information about Egypt as well as making Egyptian artefacts during DT. We now have two PE lessons each week, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, so please make sure your child has their PE kit in school all week.



December 2016


Silver Birch have been rehearsing for their Christmas Carol Service for their production next week. The children are looking forward to all the Christmas festivities over the coming weeks and have been working hard in preparation for this. There is only one more week of swimming for this term then we will be replacing this with modern dance.


November 2016


Silver Birch have been learning about sound in science this term and have been exploring how sound travels. They enjoyed investigating volume and pitch with a range of instruments as well as looking at how other animals hear. Please continue to listen to your child read each night and discuss what they have read.


This term, Silver Birch are learning about Romans. We have made Roman Shields and we will be using these to march in a Roman formation while listening to Roman Latin commands. We are also having a large focus on reading. We are encouraging the children to read a wide range of text. Please continue to listen to your child read at home.





October 2016


Silver Birch class have been learning about play scripts. They are learning how to read, perform and write their own play script on the theme of traditional tales. The children enjoy the drama which is involved with this.


This week Silver Birch are learning to create a simple game in computing where they have to write codes to make objects move. In science we are carrying out scientific enquiries to learn more about evaporation and condensation. Swimming as usual on Wednesday and PE kits to be in school ready for Tuesday afternoon.


September 2016


The children have settled well into Silver Birch class and have been working well. This term in topic, we are learning about different myths and legends. PE is on a Tuesday and we have swimming on Wednesday. Please make sure your child has their PE kit in school for the week.