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School Governors



The governing body of Lawn Primary School consists of 8 governors (2 parents, 3 co-opted, 1 local authority, 1 staff and 1 head teacher).


The governing body provides support and gives challenge to the school leadership.  They help decide strategic decisions for the school.


Current school governors are


Name          Election Date Due                             Governor Type                           |          Attendance
Miss Julia McGrath 19/11/22 Chair Person - Co-opted                                    7/7
Mrs Marion Fielder-White 19/11/22 Vice Chair - Co-opted                                        7/7
Mrs Gill Graves 29/03/21 Co-opted                                                            5/5
Mr Peter Scollard 29/03/21 Parent                                                                2/5
Mrs Pat Williams 18/04/20 Staff                                                                   7/7
Mrs Angela Wilson N/A Head Teacher                                                    7/7




Lawn School Governing Body Register of Business Interests 12th December 2016

From September 2015, governing bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interests on the School’s website. The register sets out the relevant business interests of our governors and details of any other educational establishments they govern. The register also sets out any relationships between governors and members of school staff including spouses, partners and relatives.


Governor Name Business Interests

Other Establishments


Relationship with

Staff members of the GB

Miss Julia McGrath None None Sister of Mrs Pat Williams 12.12.16
Mrs Marion Fielder-White None None None 12.12.16
Mrs Gill Graves None None None 12.12.16
Mr Peter Scollard None None None 12.12.16
Mrs Pat Williams None None Sister of Miss Julia McGrath 12.12.16



The Role Of The Governing Body at Lawn Primary School


The governing body is responsible for the long term strategic direction of the school.  It has statutory responsibilities that include agreeing the school budget and expenditure and ensuring key policies are in place.  Governors do not get involved in the day to day running of the school.  The governors' role is that of a 'critical friend', asking challenging questions and providing support in those areas in which they have particular expertise.


In order to be effective in their role, governors are expected to attend training sessions and read all relevant documentation.


Governors meet 3 times per year for full governing body meetings.  These are usually held in the school on Monday evenings, beginning promptly at 4.30pm.  Refreshments are provided.


Governors are also required to join one of two separate committees, outlined below.


Community and Resource Committee

Miss Julia McGrath

Mrs Marion Fielder-White

Mrs Angela Wilson

Mrs Pat Williams

Mr Peter Scollard



The main work areas of the Community and Resource Committee comprise: scrutiny and monitoring of finance; links with the community; pay, appraisal and personnel matters; statutory policies and duties; site and premises and health and safety, including safeguarding.


School Improvement Committee

Miss Julia McGrath

Mrs Marion Fielder-White

Mrs Angela Wilson

Mrs Pat Williams

Mrs Gill Graves





The main work areas of the School Improvement Committee comprise: reviewing the work of curriculum faculties; teaching and learning; pupil performance targets and statutory policies linked to the curriculum


Governors are also expected to link with one area of the school and complete a termly visit, which includes a termly report to the School Improvement Committee.  Governors may also be linked to a specific area of policy such as Safeguarding or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


These committees meet 3 times per year on a Monday, beginning at 4.30pm.  There is a chairing governor for each committee and the clerk also attends these meetings.  Minutes are distributed to the full governing body.


For further information on the role and expectations of school governors visit the National Governors' Association website at


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