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Peter Scollard


I'm Peter Scollard - I'm the local councillor for Northfleet North, a local businessman (Director of No Walls Gardens CIC) and a Parent Governer.

I've been a parent Governer at Lawn road for nearly 4 years, and I find it a fascinating and rewarding role. I'm particularly interested in how the teaching staff evolve and develop their learning outcomes and tackle the issues of an ever-changing community. Similarly, meeting with other parents helps identify the issues that affect us all, whether in school or as residents of the area.

My aim as a Parent Governor is to help the school - and all its pupils - reach full potential.

I'm interested in the environment and green projects, and I'm delighted the progress being made in these areas.

I look forward to working with Lawn Road for a long time to come, and helping achieve even greater success.