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June 2019


Oak class have started their rehearsals for their end-of-year school performance of “Let the Games Begin”. The children will need to learn the lines, make costumes, props, sell tickets and make posters. They will be encouraged to take as much of this on independently as possible. Oak class will also be involved in the organisation and running of Sports Day and our Inter-House Sport Tournament. A busy term with a lot to look forward too!



March 2019



Oak class have been working hard on the last sections of their WW2 topic - War and Peace. We have spent time looking at VE Day and VJ day and understanding the ongoing effects of a war. Many of the children will also be in their final stages of preparing for our PGL trip. For many of whom, this will be the first time away from family. With a long Easter break coming up, there will be a collection of work to have a look at over the time off. Easter is a time to relax and enjoy experiences with the family; so I would strongly suggest that a little bit of work each day will stop a large chunk at the end. 



January 2019


Oak Class have made a good start to the year. Before Christmas we looked at our two topics of:

'The Great Outdoors' which covered many things about our geographical location in the world, the features that surround us and the rivers and mountain ranges around the world.

'Modern World' through which we looked at buildings, architecture and structures around the world and in our own country and a wide range of London landmarks.

We are continuing to work harder on out topic 'War and Peace' which will take us on a journey of discovery through WW2, the key events and our ancestors.

Homework in the class is getting better and beginning to come in on time and completed accurately and effectively for the vast majority of the class. I would please ask that, as we continue on our steps towards the SATs tests in May, children continue to develop the level of effort and ownership of the homework and try to understand that it is a part of the consolidation process and will give them the best opportunities for success. Please feel free to come and see me for any further information on this or questions.

Keep up the hard work Oak Class! Well done.



June 2018


This week we have been having great fun practising our end of year 6 performance. It’s been hard work but we are really looking forward to performing it for you. We are sure you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Have you got your tickets?


Oak class are working hard on their new book Holes. Each child is taking time to understand the various relationships of the characters and how they challenge the journey of the story. The Chessington trip deadline is the 29th June for any final payments. Anyone who has not made a complete payment by then won’t be able to go.


Oak class have made a good start this term to their work on ‘Holes’. Mr Fenton would like to remind all of the children that they are going to secondary school at the end of this term. Because of this, children should be fully equipped and organised when coming to school in preparation for the expectations of secondary school. 



May 2018


Oak class have worked extremely hard this week on all of their SATs tests. A massive congratulations and well done to them for the effort they have put in. We are now starting to look forward to bigger and better things with the end of year play, Sports Day and Chessington trip just around the corner.


Oak class have been working hard on their revision skills and shown a great effort in these stages before their tests. Currently, Oak Class are also in competition with the Teachers for Times Table Rock Stars, so I would like to remind all the children to keep up the hard work. The children are still in the lead… but only just!



April 2018


Oak class have worked hard on their SAT’s revision homework over the half term and have continued this attitude into their lessons. We are about to begin our new book Journey to Jo’Burg in English and will continue our revision sessions in Mathematics. Children are allowed to bring a sports water bottle in with a clear name label for the hot weather.


March 2018


Oak class have continued to work hard this week and are producing some great work on their English author of the term – JK Rowling. Mr Fenton would like to remind all of the children to make sure they pack lots of socks, warm clothes and (fingers crossed) some sun-cream, as we don’t know what weather we will be lucky enough to have.  



February 2018


Well done to those children who are bringing their homework back and are trying their hardest week after week. Many of the children in Oak class have been building quite a collection of positive cards up and some have even made it to the first stage of the prizes.

Don’t worry though, there will be some work from Mr Fenton over the February Half Term; it is a great chance to get yourself a positive card or two.

PGL – Mr Fenton will run an open meeting for PGL early in the next term for all those who have signed up. This will include an itinerary, what to bring and any other questions you might have. Look forward to seeing everyone!


January 2018


Oak class have been working hard on their new book, “Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” along with their War and Peace topic. Mr Fenton would like to thank all those who have produced outstanding homework these past few weeks and hopes that the standard continues.



Oak class have settled down quickly since coming back from Christmas. Please could all children remember to bring all their equipment and reading books to and from school.

Homework will start again on Friday.


November 2017


Oak class have been working hard on their ‘Modern World’ topic this term and have just begun their business projects. Please make sure that you are continuing to read with your child at least 3x a week. Please note, Oak and Sycamore class will only be supporting lower KS2 in the Christmas show as they will have an end of year play later.



Year 6 have been studying the Tate Modern and have been  replicating the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso to portray the effects of the artists using pastel colours.




Oak class have been working hard on their DT projects this week. Using fairy tales as a theme, we have focused on the Brothers Grimm creating a burglar alarm for the three bears. Please continue to work hard on homework each week.



October 2017


Oak class have been working hard on their DT projects this week. Using fairy tales as a theme, we have focused on the Brothers Grimm creating a burglar alarm for the three bears. Please continue to work hard on homework each week.




September 2017


Oak class are continuing to work hard on their topic work and spending time learning about rivers and mountains. We would like to remind you that you should be reading 3 x a week along with the other homework which is expected of the children.



Oak class have come back and settled down quickly into their new routine. Next week homework will start and each child will be expected to complete spelling practice, x table work, reading, a maths sheet and something else different each week. Good luck!



July 2017


Oak class are now just one week away from their play ‘Time Lord’ and have been rehearsing hard. They would like to remind you to buy your tickets soon before they go-only 50p!

Please remind children to bring costumes in.


June 2017


Oak class have been rehearsing hard on their upcoming end of year performance for ‘Time Lord’. Please make sure you get your tickets for the 19th July 2017 as soon as possible.


Year 6 children have gone on their residential trip to Carroty Wood to take part in lots of adventurous activities. The remaining children have been bowling in Gravesend followed by lunch at Pizza Hut. Tuesday they had a quiz and watched the film ’Sing’.  Wednesday we went to the prom for a picnic and sporting activities. The children have been a credit to the school with their behaviour and have all had great fun.

Mrs Moss and Mrs Leahy.


May 2017


Oak class have been working hard on their DT project this week. They have cut boys/girls from foam boards and used modrock to strengthen them up. Once they have been painted they will be put into a pyramid to show what collaboration can achieve. The project will be used to represent our school.


Oak class have worked very hard on their SATs this week and I am sure they’re happy they are behind them now. Please be aware there has been a date change for the Chessington trip from 7th July to 12th July: this is to allow all children to do their secondary induction day and also an enjoyable trip for all their hard work.



April 2017


Year 6 are working hard in their final two weeks before SATs exams. Please make sure all children have a go at any revision sent home and Chessington slips, along with breakfast slips, are brought back to school.




March 2017


Oak class have been working hard on their mock SATs week. We have now come to the end of our Tag Rugby topic and will be starting rounders after the Easter break. Please make sure full kit is in school and payments continue to come in for Chessington and PGL.


Oak class are continuing to work hard towards the end of the year. As the weather is heating up, please remember to bring appropriate clothes for PE as we will be outside more and more.


Oak class have been working hard this week on their

new topic of Homes Through Time. The children have

been looking at architects and will begin to explore a

range of factories in the industrial revolution.

Please remember that we need to have regular payments for the PGL trip



February 2017


Oak class have been working hard up until the end of term to finish their War and Peace topic.

  Please remember that we need to have regular payments for the PGL trip.



January 2017


Year 6 have been continuing their War and Peace topic and have been working hard on their new tag rugby tasks. It was a pleasure to watch some of the Year 5s and 6s go off to represent the school in athletics.

Homework is due every Thursday. Please ask if you need help.


Oak class have come back after Christmas with a great attitude and have been working hard. We have started our new ‘War And Peace’ topic, focusing on the events and children of WW11. Homework and spellings have started again this week and it is the expectation that every child will complete the tasks to the best of their ability.



December 2016


Oak class have been working hard all the way up to the end of the year. We have started our rehearsal for the Christmas Carol Concert and will have our assessment week next week. Please keep working hard on homework each week and read and sign the contact book 3 x a week. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


November 2016


Oak class are continuing with their work on performance poetry this week. Over the two weeks we have looked at a range of poets: TS Elliott, Kate Tempest, Michael Rosen, Benjamin Zephaniah and George the Poet. Keep up the hard work with the H/W please and complete all sections.


Oak class have come back from the week break and started to settle down quickly to daily life. As the year continues, children should start to take more responsibility for their own organisation with school equipment and homework. It is a long process getting ready for secondary school: organisation is the first step.





October 2016


Oak class have been working hard all the way up to the end of half term. Reading has been improved with many children managing to move up one or two levels. Children are now using a wide range of writing skills. I would like to remind all of Oak class that, even though homework is due every Thursday, if you look at it earlier in the week and have a problem please see Mr Wilson or myself.


Oak class are working on ‘The Great Outdoors’. The children are learning about a wide variety of skills. Spelling test every Friday, so keep practising!

Homework is due on Thursday each week.


September 2016


Oak class have made a good start to the year, with most of the children having all the equipment they need and PE kits clean and washed. Homework will be going out on a Friday and will need to be back for a Thursday. Please keep the maths sheet separate to the homework book. Our topic is ‘The Great Outdoors’ and should cover everything from mountains to rivers.