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Message from the Headteacher


27th May 2020


Dear Parents/Carers


Planned Opening Changes


Following a Governors’ meeting last night, the Governing Body have made the decision to delay the opening of the school to some children in years N, R, 1 & 6 until 15th June.


This decision was based on a number of factors that were taken into consideration: The publication of the Independent SAGE report which states: “delaying a school re-opening by two weeks to 15th June approximately halves the risk to children…”.  (The link to the full document is below).  Also taken into consideration is the test, track and trace programme not yet in place; the local transmission rate; the opinion of the British Medical Association and also the school’s difficulty in obtaining some PPE resources.


We will be sending out a link to a new survey for you to complete, to let us know if you would like your child/children to return to school on this date.  This will be open for the whole of next week and include all year groups.


From the 1st June the school will remain open for children of key workers and vulnerable children only.


Thank you for your continued support.  I will be in touch again shortly.


Angela Wilson




22nd May 2020


Dear Parents


Thank you for your patience whilst I have worked through the ever changing guidance from the Government since the announcement made on Sunday 10th May.


“The Government has said that from week commencing 1st June, primary schools will reopen to children in Year R, Year 1 and Year 6.  This is in addition to the children already attending, such as vulnerable children and those with parent/carers who have essential worker status.  There has been an amendment to this guidance in which the Government has taken on board the concerns of infant schools and has now requested that:


  • early years settings – 3 and 4 year olds followed by younger age groups
  • infant schools - nursery (where applicable) and reception
  • primary schools – nursery (where applicable), reception and year 1’’


Actions for education and childcare settings to prepare for wider opening from 1 June 2020 - Updated 12 May 2020


Risk Assessments:

In consultation with the Heads of the Northfleet Trust Schools we have all carried out our risk assessments in line with the guidance and all believe that whilst we can write our risk assessments and we can put everything in place that is being asked of us, we unanimously agree what we cannot do is predict the response and behaviour of your children to the following:


  • being asked to social distance and have no physical contact with their teachers or friends
  • being taught in a different classroom with possibly a teacher other than their own
  • being taught in a group of 10 children which does not necessarily have their friends in it
  • being asked to limit their use of resources during their learning time and using those with their names on them
  • being taught by adults who may, due to their own preference and needs, be wearing PPE
  • being asked to eat a packed lunch in the classroom they are being taught in and not socialise as they are used to at lunch time
  • being asked to limit their movement around the school and only having mini breaks as the rotas in place allow


The guidance states the following:

  1. Children to use the same desk if returning the next day
  2. Teacher and TA are assigned to these children and stay with these children throughout the day (and on subsequent days)
  3. Children stay in the classroom for majority of the day and not mix with other groups
  4. Remove excess furniture and resources to increase space if space to do so plus resources of different materials to reduce the risk of contamination
  5. Staggered playtimes
  6. Reduced playtime equipment
  7. Meals brought to their classroom

We are educators, not medics or scientists, and therefore we cannot guarantee 100% the safety of your child in our schools at this time in reference to the Corona Virus and contamination.  We are asked to rate our risk assessments and the majority of these range between medium to high risk.  As educators we can only assure you that we have followed the guidance and put as much as we can in place to reduce the risk


With this in mind it is important to note we will do everything we can to address your child’s mental health and well-being alongside delivering a curriculum reflective of their current needs.  They will not, however, be able to bring items for learning or play into school from home or take items from school to home.  (This will include reading books.)


Opening times:   The Northfleet Heads also agreed on the following opening times:


Monday to Thursday full days

Fridays until 12.00pm


The rationale behind these times is to allow schools to carry out a deep clean at the end of each week.  Our cleaning teams will need to be supported by our teaching and support teams who will need time to do this.  Teachers will also need their allocated time to prepare their resources for the following week due to the different way of working and giving each child their own set of resources which need to be separated from others.


This timetable will not apply to our key worker families who are currently using the school for support. 


Lawn Primary School will operate staggered entry and exit times as follows:

Pod 1: 8:45 – 2:00                               Pod 2: 9:00 – 2:15                               Pod 3: 9:15 – 2:30

Pod 4: 9:30 – 2:45                               Pod 5: 9:45 – 3:00                               Pod 6: 10:00 – 3:15


(If your child is in year R, Y1 or Nursery or you are a key worker who responded to the survey and you have said yes to coming back to school, we will be in touch with the pod allocated to your child shortly.)


Pods: Described as keeping your child safe within a permanent group of children and adults that does not cross over with any other pod, therefore reducing the risk of contamination from one pod to another.


Entry will be via the main pedestrian gate at the bottom of Factory Road and Lawn Road and a one way system will be in operation with the exit being via the main gate at the top of the playground on High Street.  Parents will be expected to adhere to the social distancing markers on the school pavement as they approach the school and at all times whilst in the school.


With still time to go before the 1st June we know that the unions, Local Authority and Kent association of Headteachers are all working together with the Department for Education to ensure we get this right for your children and our teams.  We all want to see schools open but we want this to be done safely.


Having read the above information please also note the following guidance from the DFE when you are making your decision to send your children back to school if they fall into the suggested year groups:


  • Children who are clinically extremely vulnerable – those being shielded should not attend school
  • Children living with someone who is clinically extremely vulnerable should not attend school
  • Children who are clinically vulnerable, parents should seek medical advice concerning the children returning to school
  • Children living with someone who is clinically vulnerable can attend school – parents will be given the choice.

Concerns answered:

  • Young children’s lack of ability to social distance – we agree that we cannot guarantee your child will be able to follow the social distancing in school and we cannot guarantee they will be 100% safe.
  • Safety of children and staff – we have followed all guidelines but we do not know whether our efforts will keep all children and staff safe.
  • How social distancing can be achieved at drop off and collection times – please refer to ‘Opening Times’.
  • That it’s too soon to return – unions agree however we are being asked to follow guidance and it is the parents’ choice as to whether they send their children to school.  Parents will not be penalised for non-attendance. 
  • How lunchtimes and break times would work – these will be carried out on a rota system with the school providing packed lunch only and the children will eat in their classes.  They will have an assigned area on the playground / field in which to play.  Social distancing with children at these times will be difficult but we will remind children and put measures in place to support. 
  • How would staff give first aid or emotional support – Staff will be wearing PPE for these situations where first aid is needed.  Emotional support will be given through lessons rather than on an individual basis at this time.  You know your child best and if you feel emotionally they will not cope with the set up provided then please keep them at home where possible. 
  • Whether staff would be wearing PPE – it will be staff choice but for cleaning, first aid and for entry and exit to school staff will use PPE.  They will also use it if we have children who are showing extreme behaviours such as spitting.  If this does happen please refer to our amended behaviour policy as we will not tolerate such actions and we will ask your child to stay at home during these times to keep everyone safe. 
  • If children would be given masks – children will not be given masks. 
  • Reduced days and times – please see ‘Opening times’.


Transition for all year groups would normally be happening in this last term and now will have to be put on hold.  My team and I are working out a plan to work on this transition when the children have returned full time and will keep you informed as this develops.


Mr Fenton has been speaking to Secondary teachers with regard to year 6 transfers and the children’s files are being transferred as they would normally.


To support us in ensuring that your children are safe we will require a weeks’ notice for your child to return to school.  With the exception of key workers/vulnerable children, if you decide to send your child back to school, the expectation will be that they are in full time.


Thank you to those parents who have replied to the survey.  If you have asked for your child to return to school we will be in touch next week with details of your pod and instructions.


It just leaves me to say I hope you appreciate our honesty and transparency during these challenging times for all of us and know that we continue to do everything we can for a safe return for all.  The Northfleet Trust Heads will continue to work together to ensure consistency of provision for our families.


As always, thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Hoping you are all safe and well.


Kindest regards,


Angela Wilson







15th May 2020



Dear Parents and Carers,


As you know, the government has announced that schools are to start planning for the possible re-opening of schools from 1st June 2020.


The guidance from the government has been changing on a daily basis, and there are many challenges for schools to overcome in order to re-open safely.  Staff and governors at Lawn Primary are working hard to overcome any possible barriers to re-opening.  Please be assured that our first priority is the health and safety of our children, parents and staff.


As a result of the changing expectations issued by the government and the Department for Education, planning has not yet been finalised.  However, please be assured that I will write to you again as soon as I am able to, setting out the arrangements for future opening.


In the meantime, in order for us to prepare for the potential re-opening of the school, we are asking ALL nursery, reception, year 1 and year 6 parents/carers to complete a short survey whether you intend sending your child back to school or not.  The government would encourage you to send your child in, but parents will not be fined if they choose to keep their children at home.


The survey will allow us to coordinate our action plan and make arrangements for school lunches.  Please click on the link:


Please complete the survey by 5pm on Wednesday 20th May 2020.


If you have any questions, at this time or moving forward, please contact the office.


Thank you again for all of your support, stay safe and keep well.


Kind regards,


Mrs A Wilson




12th May 2020



Dear Parents/Carers,


Re: Possible reopening of school to more pupils in June


We know you’ve seen in the news that schools may reopen on 1st June to reception, year 1 and year 6 pupils if the government thinks it is safe then.


We are waiting for further guidance and clarification from the government right now, which will hopefully help us create an action plan for our phased reopening.  We will share this with you as soon as possible so you know what the school’s reopening will look like in practice.


It’s a very unsettling time for us all, but rest assured that we’re going to be doing everything we can to make sure we are ready to receive these year groups if it’s safe for our school to reopen in the coming weeks.


However, we are also not going to be pressuring anyone to send their children to school, since you know your children and personal situation best.  We will keep you updated with all our preparations for making sure the school is as safe as possible, so you can make an informed decision.


In the meantime, the school is still open only for vulnerable pupils and the children of critical workers.  We know some employers will be encouraging you to return to work, but we are not in a position right now to extend places to other children until we receive further government guidance.


We would like to thank you for your continuous support in helping your child learn from home.  We will need to keep going with this for a while yet, so please do continue to do what you can and stay in touch with us about how your child is doing.


If you have any questions, please contact the school office or email


Warm regards,


Angela Wilson

Head Teacher





29th April 2020

Good morning


I hope everyone is well and keeping safe during these unprecedented times.


Your children have been busy with the home learning packs and some of you are now looking for further work.  Please do keep an eye on your child’s class page on our website ( where the teacher will add lesson links, set challenges and post other useful information about available resources for your child to continue with their home learning.  


There are also links on our Facebook page ( to learning and other fun activities to do with the children while school is closed.


If you have any questions for your child’s teacher or if you would like to share any pictures of what they have been doing from their home learning packs, please send them to  Please remember to add FAO and the class teacher’s name in the subject line in order for your message to be directed to the right teacher.  Please also let us know if you are happy for your photos to be uploaded onto our website and Facebook page.


Kind regards.


Mrs A Wilson




19th March 2020


Dear parents/carers,

Re: Coronavirus update – school closure to most pupils

Following on from the last update, I’m now writing to let you know that we have now been instructed to close the school to almost all children after this Friday until further notice.

As advised by the government, we will do all we can to stay open for the children of key workers (e.g. NHS staff, police, others in frontline services) and children with certain needs.

We are waiting for the government to publish more information on what this means, but it would help us in the meantime if you could let us know if you think your child may fall into one of these categories. Please contact the school office on 01474 365303 or email We’ll be in touch again as soon as we are sure who this does apply to.

All other children will need to stay at home, so we ask that you do not send your child into school from Monday onwards.

Please note that this is a national closure – as you may have heard in the news – so while it is a challenging situation, we are not alone. We’ll re-open fully as soon as we can and will let you know when this is by text, email, Facebook and a message on the school website .

What we’ll continue doing while your child is at home

Your child’s learning is of course important to us, so we’ll continue to help your child to learn.

These are the things you can expect to support you:

  • A resource pack will be sent home
  • Websites you can use and information to help can be found on our website
  • You can email and a teacher will get back to you within 24 hours

If your child usually receives free school meals we will also be in touch with more information about how we will continue to provide this, with support from a scheme that the government has just announced.

What we won’t be able to go ahead with:

  • School trips
  • Breakfast or after-school clubs

This is as much as we know right now and we appreciate your continued patience as we deal with this ever-changing situation. We understand that this latest news will have an impact on you and your family and it’s far from ideal, but we’ll continue to keep in touch with any updates as the situation develops.

And remember: if you or your child feels ill and you want to know what to do next, please use NHS 111 online.

Thank you again for your continued support, and we will be in touch with more information when we can.


Kind regards

Angela Wilson