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School Lunches

Independent Catering is the specialist fresh food caterer at our school and is a local specialist educational caterer offering varied menus using fresh British meat, fresh vegetables, fresh salad and fresh fruit every day.  All meals are prepared on site by skilled staff and they’re free for all Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils.  Meals for Key Stage 2 pupils (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) are payable in advance using School Gateway and are charged at £2.50 per meal unless eligible for free school meals.  If you think you may qualify for free school meals, please contact the school office or complete a form online


Each day, every pupil will be asked if they are having a school dinner or a packed lunch. There is no requirement for pupils to sign up on a weekly or a term basis.  Children choose their menu option at registration enabling food to be cooked to order, which ensures your child gets their choice and means there is less waste.  


Please help your child to choose their meal; if you can find time first thing in the morning to talk to your child about the menu for the day, this speeds up registration in the morning.  Please note that unfortunately the salad buffet is removed until further notice.


Due to the ongoing Covid situation, we will be operating a staggered lunchtime and splitting the hall into 2 separate areas. This will enable one area to be thoroughly cleaned including chairs being wiped down, whilst the other area is in use for school dinners.  Children who are having packed lunch will eat in their class.


Lunchtime staff may wear face masks and gloves, depending on the latest Government guidelines. They will certainly aim to keep a safe distance and, for example, move plates of food away from children when cutting up meals etc.


Please do contact the school office to let us know if your child has any allergies or is unable to have certain foods due to religious grounds.

Free School Meals – Summer Vouchers


Dear Parent/Carer


You are probably aware that the voucher scheme for children eligible for free school meals has been extended to cover the summer holiday period.  You do not need to do anything to apply for these vouchers.  The school will order these for you and you will receive them in exactly the same way as you have already been doing.


Please note that we will be distributing the vouchers every two weeks, with the first voucher being sent to you on Friday 17th July, the next will be delivered on Friday 31st July and the final voucher will arrive in your inbox on Friday 14th August.


As these vouchers will be emailed to you, it is important that you let the office know if you are planning a change of email address by Friday 3rd July.  This will ensure that the ecode can be emailed to you without any problems.  If you have been having issues with exchanging your ecode for a voucher, again please let the office know as soon as possible so any problems can be resolved in good time for the summer vouchers to be ordered.


Thank you.

Free School Meals – update 19th June 2020


Dear Parent/Carer


This is to inform you that our catering company are back in school and providing sandwich lunches for the children.  Please see the sample menu below for what is currently on offer.


With this in mind, please note that from Monday 22nd June we will not be sending meal vouchers to the parents of children eligible for free school meals who have now returned to school.


Children eligible for free school meals but who have not yet returned to school will still receive these vouchers until such times as they return or the Government stop the scheme.





Independent Catering

Paper copies of the latest menu can be found in the school foyer as well as a digital copy on this page.

Please could parents go through the menu with their children and alert the office to any dietary requirements that we are not aware of.


A sample of our new lunchtime menu.