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Remote Learning

Remote Learning

Google Classroom 

Remote learning will be undertaken by the year group teacher for years 1 to 6.  It will follow the same planned curriculum that the children would have been undertaking had they been present within school.  Daily learning will be provided and can be accessed via Google Classroom for years 1 to 6.

For children in Reception and Nursery, activities will be put onto the website (  These will be very creative hands on and physical activities to reflect their Early Years curriculum.

In addition, Miss Bishop has decided that she would like Reception Class to have access to the Google Classroom Platform.  She will still post links and work on the school website, but would like to use Google Meet to talk to the children and read them a story.  


How to Access Google Classroom

How to access Google Classroom - Instructions

How to access Google Classroom - Tutorial Video

Access Google Classroom Using XBOX or Playstation 4/5


How to turn work in

Step by step instructions on how to turn work in

Video tutorial showing how to turn work in


Please click here to view our Remote Education Provision

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