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Visions and Values

Lawn Primary School is restless in its pursuit of excellence


We provide a rich, supportive and stimulating environment and an atmosphere of mutual respect, in which each child entrusted to our care can reach their full potential by developing a love of learning and a desire to succeed.


We have pride in ourselves, in our endeavours and in our achievements; we are reflective and thoughtful about experiences, learning from our failures so that we are prepared to be better tomorrow; we encourage co-operation and collaboration, everyone taking responsibility for all that they say and do; we celebrate and respect the diverse community in which we live and appreciate our responsibilities as global citizens; we are determined and courageous in all that we encounter and are equipped to deal with the future; we provide a safe and stimulating space to work and play in which learning is fun and enjoyable


What this means in practice

  • A Lawn child will develop high level knowledge and skills across the curriculum
  • A Lawn child will gain deep experience of project working, developing key skills of research, analysis, independent working, time management and presentation
  • A Lawn child will enjoy a rich experience in music and the creative and performing arts, including learning and performing on a musical instrument and in a choir 
  • A Lawn child will become a fluent user of modern ICT and new technologies
  • A Lawn child will learn a language and be encouraged to develop global perspectives


Lawn celebrates its diversity and has high and equal expectations of all children, regardless of social, cultural, linguistic or ethnic background.