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Children in Need, Bring and Buy Sale

Children in Need

Bring and Buy Sale

Thursday 15th November, 2018

Dear parents and carers,


Lawn School Council members are inviting all of the children from Reception class to Year 6 to a bring and buy sale to raise money for Children in Need.  The council would like all children to bring in an unwanted toy or book which is in good condition.  If a child has not got a suitable toy or book to bring, they could bring in a packet of sweets or treats instead.


The day of the sale will be a non-school-uniform day for all children, and Pudsy items can be worn if wanted.


On the day, children may bring in up to £1 to spend at the sale – loose change would be appreciated rather than £1 coins.  Money which is brought in should be placed in an envelope labelled with your child’s name. Everything will be priced at 20p or 50p.


Items for sale can be brought in from next Thursday, 8th November.

Best wishes,

The school Council